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Archdesk Webinar 2021 Property Ondemand-1


Property Development Management Digitisation: Resolve, Evolve and Build with Archdesk

Sign up for our free Webinar and learn all you need to know about digitising your company and making it even stronger in this challenging time!

Archdesk Webinar 2021 Modular Ondemand-1


Digital Building Blocks for Modular Construction Industry: A Tailored Management Solution

Compared to the rest of the world, the UK is not the leader in the modular construction market yet. However, economists predict constant...

Archdesk Webinar 2021 Demolition Ondemand-1


Digital Transformation of Demolition Business Management: Smashing the Industry Challenges

Dealing with high competition within the industry, taking on projects of versatile profiles and managing your teams and equipment...

Archdesk Webinar 2021 HVAC on demand-2


Digitalising HVAC Company: Plug the Leaks in Your Processes!

This is the best moment to look for the solution that will support your company through its growth and help you master your process for higher efficiency and profitability.



Early Warning Signs of Mental Health Issues

Here you will find early warning signs to look out for and practical advice on what to do when noticing them.

Archdesk Webinar 2021 Fire Ondemand


Digital Solutions for Improving Project Management in Fire Protection Companies

Do you know the latest digital solutions that can support projects and processes inside your company?



Roofing & Cladding: Managing Projects Digitally

Digital tools can process an enormous amount of data analyzing and crossing information, giving you the control you've always needed.

feature image management challenges and tech solutions for fit out companies white paper-1

white paper

Management Challenges & Tech Solutions for Fit-Out Companies

Here you will find the main challenges for Fit-Out companies today and 6 ways an ERP can help them overcome them.

thumbnail image3

case study

Conditioned Environment Mechanical Services

Conditioned Environment Mechanical Services (CEMS) is a multi-disciplinary company, specialised in mechanical building services for design and build projects

Archdesk Webinar 2021 Fit-Out Digital Transformation-Apr-14-2021_Video on Demand


The Fit-Out Digital Transformation

In 2021, construction companies need digital tools to operate the amount of information that needs to be gathered, shared and processed. Yet, how can you make this process smoother for your company?
34 minutes

Archdesk Webinar 2021 Empower by Example


Women in Construction 2020

Women account for around 10% of the construction industry worldwide. We believe that it needs to change as the female workforce can enormously contribute to the sector in many ways, especially nowadays when it faces labor shortage.

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